Blue Star Technology’s BridgeBuilder™ Hiring-Augmentation Program Revolutionizes Old-Fashioned IT Staff Replacement or Addition

April 4, 2017

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By George J. “Lek” Loechl

An IT staffer has quit on you. Or maybe growth pains have necessitated your making a new hire. So now it is time to go through the ritual of interviewing, background checking and skills verification to fill headcount. There’s no guarantee everything is going to work out OK. You are facing a vulnerability. And, without a doubt, you are working a process that is now about three years out of date. If anything, IT is not about being old-fashioned.

It’s time for you to leverage Blue Star Technology’s BridgeBuilder hiring-augmentation program.

Through BridgeBuilder, Blue Star Technology offers a new, efficient and money-saving way to fill any IT position with highly vetted, Super Star personnel who can be plugged, onsite or offsite, directly into your operations. Need an exceptionally intelligent systems analyst? No problem. Are you aching for a motivated, reliable help desk person? Consider it done.

And you will be doing this for less than the cost of the outdated method of hiring because you can throw out the window all those extra burdens like FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Health Insurance, Medicare and expense-reimbursement costs.

BridgeBuilder is not a “staffing” program with all its “see-you-today, so-long-tomorrow” empty promises. BridgeBuilder is a highly refined, customer-referenceable, hiring-augmentation program tailored for companies on the move. . .companies who want a superbly qualified seamless fit.

And here’s the real over-the-top benefit: When you onboard a Blue Star professional ─ or professionals ─ you automatically tie into a WHOLE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY and all its collective leading-edge intelligence, solution savvy and predictable reliability. You’re plugging into an IT power force and its added advantages. For instance:

  • ONE: You can precisely define auxiliary technology services to align with new requirements for your organization; then conveniently budget costs as part of your monthly OpEx model. Fast scalability is a given. Clean. Predictable. Transparent. Thinking about migrating some functionality to the cloud? BridgeBuilder is ready when you are, with secure, affordable options.
  • TWO: You will routinely receive advice and perspective on best practices and application upgrades, as well as on how hybrid technology can advance your objectives.
  • THREE: You will experience unparalleled, do-what-it-takes customer service that cultivates a growing foundation of reciprocal respect. Blue Star Technology is the best ─ the best ─ and this Managed Services and Security Provider will prove it every day.

You are right if you are beginning to think that Blue Star is special. Maybe that’s why INC. magazine has cited Blue Star as one of the fastest-growing companies in America for several years in a row.

The business model of how you hire IT staff has changed, but the principles of good business will never change.

So don’t make that next hire without speaking to Blue Star first. Hire Blue Star Technology instead of falling into the old-fashioned routine. And get all the benefits and reduced cost that BridgeBuilder can bring to the position you need to fill.

Headed by founder and business trailblazer CEO David Litt, Blue Star Technology of Chicagoland is an IT Managed Services and Security Provider that transforms SMB and enterprise-level companies alike through an operational model of:

  • Intensive assessment and documentation.
  • Highly advanced hybrid technology.
  • Creative vision acknowledging the growing input of various Lines of Business in technology decision-making.
  • Do-what-it-takes customer service that cultivates a foundation of reciprocal respect.

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