Case Study Success Stories

Circuit Board Manufacturer

A US-based printed circuit board manufacturer with 25 employees using an outdated network with old servers and software…

Since the start of the recent economic downturn, this company has struggled to stay afloat in a stagnant industry. Offshore resources have allowed their clients to purchase at significantly lower prices and prevented the company from acquiring the profits it had realized in previous years. This made it impossible to devote the appropriate capital investment into its technology.

After identifying the necessary infrastructure improvements, Blue Star decided to take a “Band-Aid” approach to non-client facing issues for the first six months. The purpose of this was to allow the company to make budgetary adjustments to save capital for the upcoming infrastructure improvements. We assured the company that these temporary budget cuts will be beneficial in the long-run.

The following benefits were enjoyed after the improvements:

  • Migration of three outdated and unsupported servers to a virtualized loaner server for a more stable IT environment
  • VoIP for $1000 monthly saving
  • VoIP for sister company in India for $1200 monthly saving
  • New Internet service provider for $500 monthly saving
  • Five new smartphones at no charge
  • Improved tracking and financial programming system
  • Transfer of website hosting service to preferred provider – $125 monthly saving
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan implemented (none previously)

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