Blue Star Consulting Services


Software Development

Software development includes design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems. We are responsible for modifying, maintaining and repairing existing software as well as integrating software for small, medium and large enterprise-class businesses.

  • Reviewing and analyzing
  • Programming and coding
  • Testing in controlled situations
  • Maintaining systems in use
  • Installation and integration
  • Cost-efficient and stable

Website Development

A powerful web presence is essential to facilitate the growth of any business. Blue Star Technology offers a wide variety of web and graphic design services for a potent, dynamic presence on the web. Our developers can offer ecommerce, social media development, mobile site design and HTML5 web development services.


  • Server Side Web Development
  • Web Site Design:
    • HTML5 Web Design
    • CSS Only Web Development
    • jQuery Component Design
    • Flash Animation
  • Graphic Design:
    • Professional Illustration
    • Banner Advertisement Development
    • Logo Design
    • Print Design
    • Photo Editing
  • Video Design:
    • Professional Video Design
    • Illustrated Video Design

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