Blue Star Consulting Services

vCIO Quarterly Business Review

CIO Assistance

Are you a CIO with a vision looking for assistance with executing IT tasks?

Are you an organization without a CIO and looking for technical proficiency?

CIOs are expected to advance a business by developing flexible capabilities that facilitate efficiency and growth. Blue Star Technology can provide you with management and leadership to augment change from vendor to vendor, including organization, infrastructure, projects, applications and IT operations.

Summary of services offered:

  • Impartial advice from industry experts
  • Responsive IT at a sustainable cost
  • Training and/or mentoring for IT teams
  • Upgrades to the IT function and its capabilities
  • IT metrics, SLA’s and best practices implementation
  • Assistance with IT management to fill gaps in expertise (SILOS)

An extension to the client business:

  • Receive quality IT guidance when needed
  • Supplements existing IT staff
  • Focused on clients’ short-term and long-term needs

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