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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide after hours and weekend support?


Yes, we provide 24/7/365 support and monitoring for all IT situations and emergencies.

How are you different from other managed service providers?


We believe that the most important part of our job is to gain an accurate understanding of our clients’ specific needs. We are not interested in pitching a generic solution, and our clients receive exactly what they need, even if it does not result in the most economic benefit for us.

Do you offer onsite or remote support?


Blue Star Technology offers both onsite support and 24/7/365 remote availability. The method of service delivery depends on what is appropriate for the situation. 90% of client issues can be addressed remotely, but onsite support is always available for situations that require it.

For clients seeking a flexible range of IT solutions, FUSION is a new service with a simultaneous offering of onsite and remote support. Our team of professional IT experts is constantly on alert to provide remote support, while onsite support serves as an extension of the client business without becoming an invasive presence. While FUSION is an all-inclusive solution, we encourage clients to choose the depth of services based on their needs.

How will my business benefit from engaging Blue Star?


Your organization will gain economic and operational efficiency through reduced technological expenses, improved IT infrastructure functionality and resource utilization. It will provide more time to focus on tasks that grow the core business.

How do I get started?


Call us at (630) 378-1900 x1002 or visit and fill out our contact form to schedule a discussion and begin the first steps in finding the right solution.

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