Tap into a $6,000 Value with Hosted Desktop Services Promotion from Blue Star Technology

March 24, 2017


By George J. “Lek” Loechl

We are rushing relentlessly into the ever-morphing Digital Age where there is no time to waste time. Wasting time is wasting money. The days of a system administrator running around servicing an increasing number of desktops, machine-by-machine, are sunset days as a new business paradigm illuminates the future. It’s called Hosted Desktop Services (HDS) and it ushers in cloud-based efficiencies that save time and money as the number of desktop and thin-client users increase.

Perhaps most suitable for task-and-collaboration environments of, say, 25 machines plus, HDS presents some significant advantages, especially if you engage Blue Star Technology in a fully developed HDS solution. First, user-based, group licensing costs are affordably built into Blue Star’s highly attractive offering. Also, because HDS is cloud-based and does not incorporate a Virtual Public Network, laptop computing-environment accessibility from anywhere and data/applications availability are not a concern.

HDS technology enables a certain number of users to share a VM running a server OS, commonly Windows. This sharing results in fewer instances of Windows, so storage load for updates and reboots is less. Moreover, you can usually run more users per unit of hardware because HDS requires less CPU and RAM overhead than does a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment, a close cousin of HDS. Because HDS is a shared resource and provides a uniform level of service to each user, it does limit machine-by-machine customization. This on-top control, however, helps harden security. One key flexibility of HDS is that you only need enough VM processing power to meet the needs of users connected at any given moment.

All things considered, perhaps the biggest advantage of HDS centers on holistic, cloud-based management of the whole desktop/laptop environment (which is viewed as one machine), saving enormous amounts of time, as trouble shooting, remediation, application introductions and upgrades are facilitated through a central browser-based view. Machine-by-machine physical interaction is eliminated and great efficiencies are gained, saving time and money.

And now, packaged with an HDS standard contract, you can get 40 project hours FREE ─ a $6,000 value from Blue Star! Take advantage of this advanced technology and compelling offer now.

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Recap of HDS advantages:

  • Admin/monitoring of whole desktop/laptop environment.
  • Allows laptops to be managed like desktops.
  • Much lower licensing costs through Blue Star packaged program.
  • Computing-environment accessibility from anywhere.
  • Robust data/applications availability.
  • Less storage load for updates and reboots.
  • Less CPU and RAM.
  • Virtual processing power for only connected users.
  • Easier to harden security.

Headed by founder and business trailblazer CEO David Litt, Blue Star Technology of Chicagoland is an IT Managed Services and Security Provider that transforms SMB and enterprise-level companies alike through an operational model of:

  • Intensive assessment and documentation.
  • Highly advanced hybrid technology.
  • Creative vision acknowledging the growing input of various Lines of Business in technology decision-making.
  • Do-what-it-takes customer service that cultivates a foundation of reciprocal respect.

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