Case Study Success Stories

Mid-Sized Sales Organization

A mid-sized sales organization that utilizes an internal outbound calling center to promote specialties and other items…

Prior to engaging Blue Star, all IT needs were handled by one internal employee, and the firm did not have a help desk system, ticketing system or the ability to track support issues. Prior to our involvement, the organization did not have any user support tools, automation for maintenance on work stations and servers, or self-healing procedures implemented within the organization. An anonymous survey taken by employees rated satisfaction with the one-person IT department as a 3 on a 1-10 scale.

The main reasons for the poor rating were:

  • Slow response to user issues
  • Inability to track issues proactively
  • Low quality of service for high cost
  • Lack of resolutions slowing down day-to-day operations and productivity
  • Inability to remediate recurring IT issues
  • Single point of failure with one IT person having to be available 24 hours

After Blue Star implemented its services, the following benefits were realized:

  • Reduction in number of IT issues
  • Immediate response to IT challenges
  • Reduction in IT support costs
  • Reduction in monthly phone bill by 50% – VoIP telephony installed
  • 25% increase in staff productivity
  • Appropriate IT maintenance put in place on servers and workstations
  • Better understanding of IT
  • Quarterly business reviews with strategy and budget forecasting – vCIO

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