Case Study Success Stories

Software Company

A software company exploring an opportunity to turn its 30 person office into a virtual company by having its employees work from home to streamline operations and significantly reduce costs…

Prior to engaging Blue Star’s services:

  • Monthly Rent of $3500 for office space
  • Monthly Utilities of $1200 for office space
  • Inability to manage programmers and work flow due to management not having any programming expertise
  • Inability to contain IT costs due to management not having IT expertise
  • Inability to intelligently budget and forecast financial needs to its investors
  • Inability to craft a roadmap for the future of the business
  • Tremendous loss of time and productivity due to inability to understand IT challenges and implement appropriate solutions
  • Huge capital investment every four years in new servers and software

After implementing Blue Star’s services:

  • Monthly rent reduced to $500 for office space – client got rid of existing space and rented a conference room in shared space on an as needed basis for client and vendor meetings
  • Monthly utilities reduced to $0
  • Efficient work flow
  • IT costs are now contained with a monthly flat fee
  • IT budgeting and forecasting are now thoughtfully completed by Blue Star and investors are properly informed on firm’s financial needs
  • A Roadmap is now in place and used to plan strategically
  • Significant improvement in productivity
  • Migration of clients’ IT system to Blue Star’s data center reducing the need for hardware upgrades and large software purchases. The client only has a small monthly fee to reside on Blue Star’s infrastructure.

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