Case Study Success Stories

Sport Medicine

A chiropractic and sports medicine clinic practice with 6 offices with desire to become HIPAA compliant and implement best practices…

Prior to engaging Blue Star:

  • No HIPAA Compliance – patient information was not secure
  • No automation to resolve IT challenges
  • Ineffective VoIP services
  • Internet Service Provider charging client $4000 per month for all locations
  • Network latency and slow operating systems
  • Frequent power disruptions
  • No backup or disaster recovery plan
  • Inability to track ongoing IT issues
  • Inability to budget and determine future IT expenses
  • High printing costs at $6000 per month using local printers

After Implementing Blue Star’s Services:

  • Attained HIPAA Compliance – Best Practices standards met
  • Automation and self-healing implemented into client environment
  • New fully-functional VoIP implemented with accurate reporting
  • New Internet service for all locations installed for $900 per month
  • Increased network speed and secure connection
  • Failover implementation for power disruptions
  • Ticketing and tracking of issues
  • Budgeting and forecasting for future expansion
  • Tablet usage for improved client experience
  • Printing costs contained at $1100 per month

The organization wanted to consolidate all technology by networking six remotely located offices into one department. It asked Blue Star to implement these changes efficiently and cost-effectively. After getting an understanding of their needs, we modified the phone system and implemented VoIP, migrated to a more cost-effective Internet service provider, resulting in over $2000 saved per month on phone and Internet. Increased efficiencies and HIPAA compliance saved the organization an additional $3000-5000 per month. We continue to work with them and are currently in the process of transferring its electronic medical records to a more cost effective system, which is anticipated to save $75,000 annually.

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