Blue Star Consulting Services

Vendor Management

Developing the most effective and cost-efficient use of resources can be an insurmountable challenge these days. A seamless fit of resources can be achieved more easily with an effective Vendor Management Service, which can deploy and manage resources from multiple vendors further, wider and faster. Engaging with Blue Star Technology will improve vendor performance, risk mitigation and cost reduction without creating even a slight hiccup in the business.

Summary of services offered:

  • Vendor negotiation
  • Sourcing of vendors
  • Managing transitions from one vendor to another
  • Evaluating current vendors for performance, pricing and quality
  • Evaluating vendor catalogs to find more appropriate products
  • Identifying opportunities to cut costs and consolidate vendors
  • Risk monitoring and mitigating

Capabilities added through Vendor Management Services:

  • Reduce time and effort spent on vendor management
  • Identify and eliminate vendors who are not benefiting the business
  • Consolidate vendors to simplify process
  • Improve relationships with existing vendors

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