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Why Every Company Needs Share-worthy Videos

Time is Priceless

The popularity of quick, two minute videos have skyrocketed within the past few years, and they are taking social media news feeds by storm. The popularity may have to do with the fact that we live in an age where people sometimes prefer watching a quick video to reading a lengthy blog post (oh, the irony). Customers want their content within seconds, so time is of the essence, and convenience is a requirement that all companies must adhere to.


Shareability is the Key

Modern society love to watch videos, and they love to share videos with their peers. One of the biggest social media platforms to take advantage of this boom? That is none other than LinkedIn.


You see, social media is a breeding ground for fun and fast video sharing, and, once thought-provoking or hilarious content is posted, viewers will share it with their network, and they’ll share it with their network, and so on, and so on.


This is what makes LinkedIn the perfect platform for sharing video content. Let’s say you make a whiteboard video (an educational video that guides people through a process) on what the marketing funnel process looks like to your network on LinkedIn, and one of your peers within your network finds this information invaluable, then that person shares that piece of content to their network to widen the reach of the video. The reach for these videos could be endless.


One company that is killing it in the video sharing market is our friends over at Drift. They believe that the power of conversational marketing will lead to more qualified sales meetings, which is absolutely true, and the best platform for conversational marketing? Shareable video content on social media platforms. Take a look at their LinkedIn feed and you will see boatloads of shareable video content.


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They’re Easy to Follow

So, let’s say you have this awesome idea for a blog post about business tips, but you don’t want to lose your audience in a sea of text. You certainly don’t want to create an inconvenience for your readers, so what do you do? Turn that blog post into a video! (Again, the IRONY).


Some people may find it hard to understand a writer’s main point in a blog post, so the overall message could be missed entirely. With a video, not only are you saving them time by showing them a short clip, but you are also helping your audience understand your main point without having to overthink it. Videos are short and to the point, so your audience members can easily grasp the concept that you are portraying.


Increased Traffic

With the way people on the internet share content, making videos is a no-brainer. And one that goes viral can be extremely beneficial for any organization, bringing in massive amounts of traffic to your website, traffic turns into leads, and leads turn into sales. If you continue to post videos on a regular basis, you’ll gain more subscribers and followers, which lead to more shares and website traffic. Talk about a win-win situation!



The benefits of creating videos in-house for people to enjoy are endless. Whether they are funny, informative, or exciting, posting short, quality films will help increase your website traffic and interactions with new and existing customers. All of the tools for you to succeed are just a camera lens away.

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