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Managed IT Solutions For Every Industry

Whether you work in manufacturing, finance, or healthcare, we have the Managed IT Solutions that you not only need, but come to expect when partnering with us.


Many non-profit organizations have IT needs to further their endeavors. Blue Star Technology offers Internet services and e-mail, desktops and servers, as well as other basic fundamental features.


Any work for the government is honorable work. We protect against hackers, spyware, Trojans, and other system-destroying threats. We offer proactive monitoring and troubleshooting that will keep systems running with little to no downtime.


PCI compliance deserves a mention here. A stable and very secure network is required for PCI. Using our secure servers and network devices, PCI compliance will be easier than ever before.

Professional Services

No matter what type of professional service that you serve we have the expertise to fully service your organization to meet your needs.


Medical and healthcare firms maintain important data. Losing crucial documents to hardware failure would be a devastating setback that can cause numerous problems in the future. Our data center will make sure that patient records and other valuable information are in a secure environment.


Blue Star Technology can assist in making sure that transportation technology remains intact. Train stations and airports are a large part of conveyance, and proactive monitoring and troubleshooting play a critical part in avoiding unexpected downtime. The last thing we want is inconvenience due to a technological difficulty.


Whether it is automating incoming and outgoing products, billing and re-ordering of merchandise, or just simply keeping inventory, Blue Star Technology has the tools for the job. Our solutions will allow the business to be run more smoothly.

Residential Care Facilities

Give your retirement/nursing home the long-term and short-term care it needs with our specially tailored solutions.

Case Studies

A mid-sized sales organization that utilizes an internal outbound calling center to promote specialties and other items…

Prior to engaging Blue Star Technology, all IT needs were handled by one internal employee, and the firm did not have a help desk system, ticketing system or the ability to track support issues. Prior to our involvement, the organization did not have any user support tools, automation for maintenance on work stations and servers, or self-healing procedures implemented within the organization. An anonymous survey taken by employees rated satisfaction with the one-person IT department as a 3 on a 1-10 scale.

Reasons for the poor ratings were…

Inability to track issues pro-actively

Low quality of service for high cost

Lack of resolutions slowing down day-to-day operations and productivity

Inability to get to recurring IT issues

Single point of failure with one IT person having to be available 24 hours

After Blue Star implemented its services, the following benefits were realized…

Reduction in overall number of IT issues

Reduced monthly phone bill by 50% – (VoIP telephony installed)

Reduction in overall IT support costs

Saw a 25% increase in staff productivity

Implemented appropriate IT maintenance on servers and workstations

Single point of failure with one IT person having to be available 24 hours

Conducted quarterly business reviews with strategy and budget forecasting – vCIO

A US-based printed circuit board manufacturer with 35 employees using an outdated network with old servers and software…

Since the start of the recent economic downturn, this company has struggled to stay afloat in a stagnant industry. Offshore resources have allowed their clients to purchase at significantly lower prices and prevented the company from acquiring the profits it had realized in previous years. This made it impossible to devote the appropriate capital investment into its technology.


After identifying the necessary infrastructure improvements, Blue Star Technology decided to take a “Band-Aid” approach to non-client facing issues for the first six months. The purpose of this was to allow the company to make budgetary adjustments to save capital for the upcoming infrastructure improvements. We assured the company that these temporary budget cuts will be beneficial in the longr un.

The following benefits were enjoyed after the improvements:

Migrated three outdated and unsupported servers to a virtualized loaner server for a more stable IT environment

Implemented a VoIP Solution for $1000 monthly saving

Brand new Backup and Disaster Recovery plan implemented

Implemented a VoIP Solution for their sister company in India for $1200 monthly saving

Brought on a new Internet service provider for $500 monthly saving

Transferred their website hosting service to a new preferred provider - $125 monthly saving