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New Visitors Kit

Want a Cheat Sheet to Remember All Of This Information?


Finding affordable IT services can be tough, so we compiled a first time visitor kit, or a cheat sheet, for individuals just like you who need help in determining what affordable IT services they need. Please complete this form and one of our industry experts will be in touch with you promptly!

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Not Sure What Your Organization Needs?


Finding affordable IT services can be a daunting task to implement and research. There are so many solutions out there for so many specific needs and sometimes, all you need really is just general IT support to aid your organization with day-to-day tasks.


Blue Star Technology has a team of IT experts that has helped countless organizations just like yours to determine what affordable IT services you need. There are no car salesman here, just people looking to help you out.

Are You Looking For Infrastructure Services?


It’s best to think of anything Infrastructure-related as Cloud based services. For instance, removing your physical servers from your on-site premise to the Cloud can significantly reduce costs because you won’t have to upgrade physical serves every 3-5 years. The common industry term for this is Infrastructure Management as a Service, or IMaaS.

If you need to move your Microsoft products to the cloud, you need Office 365

If you need to reduce the cost of upgrading servers, you need VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure

If you need to upgrade your phone system, you need VoIP, voice over internet protocol

Are You Looking For Backup Services?


In case of a disaster, backup services provides organizations with a system that backs up your storage, files, and data. For instance, if someone within your organization clicks on an email that they weren’t supposed to and you get ransomware, you will need to perform a backup to get rid of the ransomware. The common industry term for this is Disaster Recovery as a Service, or, DRaaS.


The biggest threat to your organization aren’t outside attackers, but people inside your organization. Outside attackers prey on people to click on links that they are not supposed to, so safeguarding your data and getting backup services are a must.

Are You Looking For Microsoft Services?


Microsoft is everywhere these days, and their services are so integrated into everyday business applications that you’ll be left in the dust if your organization isn’t utilizing these services.


There are a ton of Microsoft Services that could be a potential fit for your business. Office 365 is great for a cloud- based environment where there is no downtime with your emails and documents, while Azure is a good solution if you need a full cloud-based solution.

IT Services


Whether you need cloud services, backup, patching, monitoring, antivirus, general support, or all of the above, we have the right tools and solutions that will meet your affordable IT needs. All of our plans are custom tailored to fit your business model, there’s no cookie cutter process at Blue Star Technology.